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ST490/ST505 8.8 inch Carplay Screen

ST490/ST505 8.8 inch Carplay Screen

SATONIC 8.8 inch Smart Dashboard  Screen, Designed exclusively for Tesla Model 3 /Model 3 Highland & Y, Designed with two style,  Free Air Vent type and handle cover type, you could chose whatever style you like

You could save the page after you ordered satonic 8.8 carplay dashboard, we will lanuch new UI interface and new software from the page

OTA Upgrade for Tesla software 2024.20.1+ :

After Tesla software was upgraded into 2024.20.1, SATONIC 8.8 carplay dashboard battery display incorrectly. This happened for all Dashboard screen, How to upgrade from OTA support

Press the right roller inside for 8 seconds, then battery display will be convert automatically

 F & Q

1. There is black bar on screen,        

     The camera pixel must be 1080P I 25

2. The cover Pin is damaged , where should I buy it ? (pls take care when you put the handle cover)

     In the first year, the handle cover is free, you just pay shipping cost from the link:


Team Support:


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