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ST911/ST911Max Installation tips & Software

ST911/ST911Max Installation tips & Software

On this page, we will note down and upgrade installation tips for the ST911 Smart dashboard, Those tips will help you a lot while making the installation. Customers can save the page on their computer or cellphone, We will upgrade the latest installation tips and software step by step. If Tesla upgrades their software. Maybe ST911 has problems after Tesla software is upgraded, But do not worry, we will launch the new software and publish it here. Customers can download and upgrade it from the Type C port on the Dashboard.



Note before installation

1. Please pay attation to product case . The product case is finished by UV, this finishing is easy to damaged by hardness

2. Please pay attation to the clip. the clips is easy to damaged if not fit correctly, pls pay attention while putting on the car 

What "CAN" mean

(Controller Area Network, CAN, on ST911, when we motioned "CAN". that means data transfering , such as CAN connector, After you connect ST911 CAN connector to your vehicle, it can read car informations, such as speed, battery, door ,belt etc...


1. Cable connection 

There are different between Ryzen AMD and Intel Atom cable connection.  customers should pay attion on 

AMD cable installation:

1st generation AMD cable should connect two places, one connector is in passenger side , another connector is in driver side


For ST911 AMD data cable , one connector connect to car data connector, For another side. no need to connect  (it leaves for other products, such as install another devices )

If cable is connected incorrect, ST911 will be not powered on


The follow introduction is for LHD (Left hand drive ). For RHD (Right hand drive), Please check the connector, some cars is in opposite. Customers can recognize from the cable connector.  there are more cables for power connector than AMD data cable connector



2nd Generation AMD cable, SATONIC upgraded the cable  from 15th Jan 2023, For some products in Korea stock , it had 1st generation AMD cable.  For the new generation AMD cable, the power cable will connect with wireless charger port, no need to accemble the dashboard again, just open the saddle and connect the power cable with wireless charger connector. Connectting the data connector with AMD data port







Intel cable installation:

For intel Atom version installation, just connect the data cable on the driver's side (for some vehicles, it is on the passenger's side)

2. Installation video reference



3.How to Set ST911/ST911max

How to enter into setting mode:
Long time press the right side roll button on the steering wheel to right side for 3 seconds, then you will enter into setting menu.

How to exit the setting mode:
Slide the left roll button on steering wheel and finish the setting

For CAN Option, factory setting is "1". If the screen can not display or display wrong information on the ST911. then please enter into setting manual and change CAN option into "2' ( Due to Tesla upgraded thier software design from 2022.28.2. CAN data transfering was different) 

Get power frunk with 15%


4. Software

  2024.6.14 upgrade software, Download & upgrade from :  
 Software upgrade     DEMO ( time )   Discription

To solve the data transfering problems for Tesla Software upgraded 2024.20.1, (the software is only for ST911/4.6inch, ST911max/6.2 inch dashboard screen) Notice: If you use the software to upgrade other dashbard screen, Your screen will be damaged,thanks


Software upgrade process:

1) Take a TF card ( 8/16G ), Format the TF card in to FAT32

2) Copy the software "can_app.bin" into TF card 

3) Insert car reader in to the Type C port on ST911/ST911max,  and power off your tesla screen.

4) Press the brake with your foot , then ST 911/ST911max will be upgrade 

     Notice:  Press do not move your foot, do not remove TF card, do not power off while ST911 is upgrading ...

5)  Screen will be upgraded for two times.  it will upgrade successfully after the upgrade bar run to 356 fully

  • Upgrade high beam light display
  • Add CAN option, Solve the problems which ST911 can not read datas from cars after Tesla software update to above 2022.28.2



1. The software is upgraded unsuccessfully, no action after insert card reader with TF card.


1). The TF card reader is damaged, Please try with another TF card reader

2). Please make sure whether you format the TF card into FAT32


3. Online Product Support:

4. Customer Care Complaints and Suggestions:


7 comments on ST911/ST911Max Installation tips & Software
  • Pierre

    Everything is working well but since the 2024.20.1 Tesla software update, the battery stats display (charge percentage and distance estimated range) are completely inaccurate (17% and 4300km of autonomy !!!!) when my Tesla displays a 70% charged battery with approximately 362km range.

    Can you provide a new firmware to fix this problem ? Thanks !

    June 14, 2024
  • Fran

    El brillo es demasiado alto comparado con la pantalla principal y molesto de noche. Sería bueno opción de ajuste más bajo, es realmente molesto de noche.

    June 28, 2023
  • Kenzo Ishida
    Kenzo Ishida

    Want to fix Lo Beam issue (ST911 only showed Hi Beam position even actually Lo beam). Tesla S/W: v11.1 (2023.2.12) in Japan.

    March 29, 2023
  • hasan

    instant consumption information. so it would be very valuable to see this data on the screen.

    February 11, 2023
  • serdar bahçıvan
    serdar bahçıvan

    merhaba anlık tüketim verilerini görmek istiyorum .
    ekranda lastik basınç sisteminin sürekli durması çok gereksiz.
    bunun yerine anlık tüketim verisi çok daha iyi olur.

    February 11, 2023
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