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Car model: Model 3 2016-2019.3
Version Option: WiFi
OBD connector Style: 20 Pin

ST955plus , the latest version of WiFi & 4G Rear Entertainment screen for Tesla Model 3 & Y,  Support Carplay & Andriod Auto, with Built-in 2+32G memory, Air filter, Built-in speakers, 45W  Type Quick charge port. All is here

Upgraded ST955plus has passenger's seat adjusting function, it runs on the Android 11 & OS and comes fully featured with the Play Store. The screen talks to your Tesla to control essential functions for rear passengers that have not been available before!

 Passenger seat adjust New upgrade for passenger seat adjust, make passangers seat a head and keep more space for you on the rear seat

⇨ Google Play Store: Android OS 11 with google play store to download and use the apps you love!

⇨ Control Climate: Rear passengers are now able to control the climate controls with ease without bothering the driver.

⇨ Control Volume: Volume can be controlled right from the display for the whole car for immersive theater like entertainment or individual control for Bluetooth headsets.

⇨ Wireless Carplay & Andriod Auto: Wireless carplay selection and andriod auto 

⇨ Media Play:  you could play the movie on the screen, keep your passengers confortable

⇨ Bluetooth and WiFi: Built in Bluetooth to ensure seamless connectivity to your car audio for theater like experience. WiFi function to run off your Mobile WiFi sharing access point.

⇨ Built-in speaker: with dual qualified speakers each side, make sure that play music or video clearly

⇨ 45W Type C Charger Port : With dual Type C port ,  Have 45W quick charge for cellphone devices

⇨ OTA online free software upgrade: it can upgrade the screen any time after connect with internet, make sure that screen will works great all the time.


  • 7 Inch IPS LCD Display with HD resolution 1024x600 pixels
  • Heated seat controls for each individual seat
  • Temperature and fan controls
  • Built in Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • WiFi Internet Access, Online Music, Games and Internet TV
  • Support for wireless Apple Car Play & Android Auto.
  • Sound controls to work for car speakers for a theater like experience
  • Comes with Type C and Dual USB ports

F & Q

Will the multimedia work when the car is in drive?
Yes, it will work when the car is in drive mode as the screen has its own isolated operating system which is only accessible by rear passengers.

How do I check if I have a Intel or AMD processor?
Check on the screen of the original vehicle :
software > extra information > CPU

How is it mounted?
The screen is mounted on a replacement AC vent cover. The original AC vent cover needs to be removed and replaced with the one that comes with this screen.

Where does it connect to ?
For both Intel and AMD, the wiring harness connects to OBD Port under Armrest Box in your Model 3 and Model Y

Does it support English Language?
Yes, the screen / tablet supports the US, UK and International English language.

Does the screen share the car's internet connection or does it need its own?
The car does not share its internet connection with anything apart from its own computer. The rear screen will need its own internet connection with a mobile WiFi hotspot. The climate control and multimedia controls from the screen will not need an internet connection as that is plugged directly into the ODB2 port.

Can I connect this alongside a front screen?
Yes, you can connect the wires supplied with this product in a sequence with other wires that go into the main computer. This is also called daisy chain. Connecting 2 wires in sequence works fully and does not impact the operation of this device.

Car model: Model 3 2016-2019.3
Version Option: WiFi
OBD connector Style: 20 Pin

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y