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ST919 Installation & Tips

ST919 Installation & Tips

On this page, we will note down and upgrade installation tips for the ST919 7.2'' Rear Entertainment Displayer, Those tips will help you a lot while making the installation. Customers can save the page on their computer or cellphone, We will upgrade the latest installation tips and software step by step


ST919 is designed for Tesla Model 3 & Y, For rear entertainment, it has Andriod Operation System, with 4G/32G memory, it makes that movies or music play well, Playing games with gampad. 



Instalaltion video:

Cable connector:

There are two types of OBD, 20pin &26pin. Normally Model 3& Y  from the year 2016-2018.12 are 20pin, Model 3 & Y from the year 2019 are 26pin (if you can not sure , please open the button of rear armrest box cover and check )

For Model 3 & Y which has no OBD connector under rear of armrest, SATONIC designed another new connection, Connectting the cable directly with wireless charger connector. In each of package, SATONIC offers two cables for 26 pins





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