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Aftersale Service For V4.4/V5/V5.5 Auto Power frunk

Aftersale Service For V4.4/V5/V5.5 Auto Power frunk

Dear SATONIC Value customers, Considering that some consumers do not understand and complain, and make unfair posts on the media channels, it will take a lot of extra works for satonic stuffs. We are hereby to clarify:

SATONIC started to lanuch tesla auto power since 2018, from V4 to V6S, due to SATONIC Auto power frunk has upgraded new generation in different time , and some parts is stop producing (this is a normal way that factory do, because we need to develop new and better products) , So when you need aftersales on V4.4 ,V5,V5.5 auto power frunk, pls check belowing:

The control box, It is same, if your control box is damaged , we could offer same control box , you can upgrade software and keep use with V4.4 ,V5,V5.5 struts

The struts, We only have V5.5 struts offer, if the strut is damaged , we could offer V5.5 Struts, but it need to change the two struts together.

The Motor, V4.4 ,V5,V5.5 motor has stoped,  we could use V6/V6S motors


We have a super discount for the customers who have ordered SATONIC auto power frunk and plan to buy a new set of V6S directly, please contact with us through email with your order numbers and store name.

Reminding: SATONIC has its process to make aftersale services, please kindly follow the process, Please do not post any unfair posts (those post just show parts of the problems, and mislead other customers) on the media chanels, such as facebook, youtube , naver, teslaclubs etc. SATONIC team will try our best to solve any problems for satonic customers, If you have any questions, please contact with us directly  thanks for your cooperation.

we will upgrade the page accordencely for the new services or new parts


3 comments on Aftersale Service For V4.4/V5/V5.5 Auto Power frunk
  • Vampire

    How much Amps does v5 power frunk uses awake and sleeping? Thanks

    November 18, 2023
  • Rad

    Hi team,
    Just want to check if you have done any software update to close the frunk through the app?

    November 12, 2023
  • Ren Vu
    Ren Vu

    My power frunk v6S strut brackets do not fit the Austin made model Y. The holes for the brackets do not align with the existing holes on the model Y. Can I get new compatible brackets for the Austin made model Y made with front casting?

    September 05, 2023
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