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New Arrival ST911 Smart Dashboard for Model 3 & Y

New Arrival ST911 Smart Dashboard for Model 3 & Y

Real-time display car information

SATONIC ST911 can display car information, from ST911, you could know all of the Vehicle information right away. such as speed, gear position, belt reminding, battery left percentage, high and low beam light, temperature, etc...

Night & Day Mode is automatically adjusted

SATONIC ST911 brackgroup can be adjusted automatically together with your tesla computer. keep our eyes resting well , Make sure that driving will be safe

Type C Upgrade

SATONIC ST911 built-in Type C port, can upgrade software through type c port if tesla upgrade system. no need to worry about tesla upgrade thier software

Smart Size Easy to install

ST911 is designed in accurate mode, it can cover under the steering wheel. meanwhile, for the color finishing, it is matte with a black finish, keeping it is a similar color to your vehicle


Vedio how it display


Test in lab



Test in lab


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