Few customers buy soft-close doors for their Tesla without thinking about warranty & Brand. they buy with a similar outlook at a lower price. Does similar means the same? Of cause not. There are too many factories, Many factories would like to copy and produce. it is the best way to save time and earn more profit...

Hereby is a reference for shopping a soft-close door

Top 1: Does the soft-close system can be released after tesla has no battery at all?

This function concerns our safety, Imagine that, if tesla gets fire inside, there is no battery at all, But doors can not be opened even if you use the emergency button, Is that not dangerous?

Top 2: Does the soft-close system with anti-pinch functions?

A qualified soft-close door system has more sensors inside the motor, it has anti-pinch functions, Suppose what will be happened if your children's smart fingers are blocked inside while the soft-close door system working.

Top 3: Does the door automatically open if the soft-close door system has a problem?

If you park your car for a long time, if the soft-close door system has problems, your tesla doors will be released, The doors can be opened by anyone...

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