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How to make your aftersale services quickly

How to make your aftersale services quickly

Customers who bought SATONIC frunk & trunk online, when they meet problems, they chat online,  For different problems, customers need to send different videos, sometimes, customers need to load the different videos a different times. it makes aftersales times longer. in order to make quick aftersales services for SATONIC Customers, we made a sheet with request video and file at one time. it will be more faster to solve any of your problems while you use SATONIC Products. 

Pls do accordance below process: 

1) Fill the files which we request, such as video and photos. write down all information on the sheet

Files download link:

2)Send your files to SATONIC aftersale services email , pls put your order number and store name on the subject for quick reply

3) SATONIC will reply to your email and make aftersale services for you asap

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