Model 3 & Y 9 inch Carplay Screen ( Free Air Vent )

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Drive Option: LHD ( Left Hand Drive )
Front Camera: Yes

SATONIC ST470 9'' Dashboard, a sleek and innovative upgrade designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Y. Elevate your driving experience with this cutting-edge accessory that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's dashboard, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Thin Edge, Bigger Display: The SATONIC ST470 features a slim profile with a thin edge design, optimizing your screen display to provide a larger and more immersive view. Say goodbye to distractions and enjoy a clearer, more expansive visual experience while on the road.

Free Air Vent for Optimal Ventilation: We understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable driving environment. That's why the SATONIC ST470 comes equipped with a free air vent, ensuring that air circulates freely throughout your car. Experience superior ventilation to keep you cool and refreshed during your journeys.

Wireless Connectivity for Ultimate Convenience: Stay connected effortlessly with the SATONIC ST470. This dashboard supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to make voice calls, use navigation, and access your favorite apps without the hassle of cords. Embrace the freedom of seamless connectivity on every drive.

Lunix operating system. 2.5D curved screen with a resolution fo 1920*720P

Real-time display car informaiton : Speed, Clock, turning signal , brake status, temperature, and more

Day & Night Mode: The screen adapts to ambient light conditions, make sure that day & night time clear

Steering Wheel Control: The screen can be controlled by Tesla screen

Enhanced Audio Experience: The SATONIC ST470 supports car speakers, delivering an enhanced audio experience that complements your driving adventures. Enjoy crisp and clear sound, whether you're listening to your favorite tunes or following turn-by-turn directions from your navigation system.

Easy Installation for Instant Upgrades (OTA): No need for complicated installations. The SATONIC ST470 is designed with user-friendly installation in mind, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of this advanced dashboard upgrade without the need for professional assistance. Transform your Tesla Model 3 or Y effortlessly and start enjoying the future of driving today.

Upgrade your Tesla driving experience with the SATONIC ST470 9'' Dashboard – where innovation meets simplicity for a smarter, more connected journey on the road.

Important Notices:

  1. Compatibility Assurance: The SATONIC ST470 9'' Dashboard is exclusively compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles manufactured between the years 2017 and 2023. Experience the ultimate upgrade for your driving interface within this specified range of models.

  2. Exclusion for Model 3 Highland: Please note that the SATONIC ST470 may not be compatible with Model 3 Highland. We recommend verifying your Tesla model specifications before purchase to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

  3. Exclusively for Left-Hand Drive Vehicles: The SATONIC ST470 is designed specifically for vehicles with a left-hand drive configuration. Kindly be aware that this screen is not suitable for installation in right-hand drive vehicles.

Drive Option: LHD ( Left Hand Drive )
Front Camera: Yes

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y