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ST1000/ST1000Plus/ST1000plus (V2) Installation Tips & Software

ST1000/ST1000Plus/ST1000plus (V2) Installation Tips & Software

About The Dashboard

  • Item Number: ST1000Plus/ST1000PLUS (V2)
  • Screen: 1280*480  touch screen
  • System: lunix
  • Memory: 1G/512M
  • Compatiable with all Tesla Model 3 & Y from the year 2016-2024
  • Real-time Car information Display, such as battery %. Speed, Drive distance, Autopilot, Etc
  • Support Wireless Carplay, Andriod auto , Navigation, etc
  • Built-in dual speaker
  • Type C slot software real-time upgrade
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Working Current: 350Ma
  • Plug & Play installation 

What is different between ST1000/ST1000plus/ST1000plus V2

Both ST1000 and ST1000plus outside are same, the only different is: ST1000 is without wireless carplay and andriod Auto. ST1000plus support wireless carplay, Andriod auto.

ST1000plus & ST1000plus V2 functions are same,  ST1000plus V2 designed with thinner products case.

 Notice: if software is upgraded incorrect, screen will be into blue color

How to Chose UI:

  1. Press the right roll wheel to right side and enter into UI (display) selection
  2. Scroll down with the right roll and chose UI 
  3. One chose the right UI that you need, press the right roll to left side to confirm

How to enter into Carplay or Andriod Auto:

You could press the right roll, chose Carplay or Andriod auto Imagine, and press it to entering in

1. check your phone bluetooth , and connect with bluetooth name "CarKit-9DE1" or "CarKiT-9F18" (the bluetooth maybe exchange base on our software.)

2. There will be a carplay notice after bluetooth connected, Chose "Allow". Then enter into Carplay Mode

How Front Camera works:

1. You could switch on or off the front camera through setting, Meanwhile, When the speed is below 20KM/H, Front camera will be switched on automatically, When the speed is over 20KM/H, Front camera will be switched off automatically

If you want to keep front camera always,  you could press the right roll inside for  5 seconds, if you want to exit the front camera, Press the right roll inside for 5 seconds.


For ST1000/ST1000PLUS/ST1000plus V2 , We designed the AMD and Intel connector in one cable group

In order to install easily, We make AMD and Intel 2 in 1. In the cable group, there are AMD Ryzen cable and Intel Atom connectors, When you get ST1000/ST1000PLUS/ST1000plus V2, Please follow the cable connection , Find power connector and data connectors

Cable Installation Position

Due to Tesla always upgrade thier cars in every year, for new Model 3 or Y, the data connector maybe in the differenet position, For AMD Ryzen, there are two position for the data connector. 

Operation Manual download: 


1. If all doors not closed, ST1000/ST1000plus/ST1000plus V2 will not enter into any display or menu. Please close all doors and swith into "D". Then can enter into setting menu or display interfaces. Press the right roll up and down to chose display function

2. The front camera will display when the speed is under 25km/h after swith "P" to "D", The front camera display will be exit automatically when speed is over 25km/h, If you want front camera display when speed is over 25km/h, Press down the right roll for 3 seconds

2) Upgrade Content on ST1000PLUS/ST1000plus V2

1) Bluetooth name : CarKit-9D84.  Pair Code: 0000

ST1000plus V1 Software (Released 2024/3/20)

ST1000plus V2 Software (Release 2024/4/1)

upgrade date transfering, when gear positon is D, ST1000+ (V2) screen is dark


ST1000plus (6.9 inch Dashboard Screen) Software : 2024//7/1

****Upgrade for battery error for Tesla software 2024.20.1

Online Product Support:

Customer Care and OEM Orders:


5 comments on ST1000/ST1000Plus/ST1000plus (V2) Installation Tips & Software
  • Cinffy

    Numerous error like no park assist, no adaptive headlights, no steering assist, no sensors………When I unplugged the device, all goes back to normal. What is going on? Also, I cannot update software with the usb port. I cannot change UI as well. HELP!!!!

    July 10, 2024
  • Kamil

    Hi, I make upgrade FW V1. All flash correceted. When to rank D lcd black screen. Prepare new USB And copy FW 2 insert USB info display. Flash not started And aprox 1 min display Black. Now dashboard not working ONLY Black sceer. My phone find BT and connected. Is LCD dead?

    June 24, 2024
  • Kamil

    Why, when I have the car in P and it is evening, does the screen with the car light up with a white background? It is very distracting and cannot be changed.

    June 08, 2024
  • Ryan

    “ Notice: if software is upgraded incorrect, screen will be into blue color”
    This has happened to me. How do I fix?

    April 25, 2024
  • A

    Carplay audio only playing through speakers and not Tesla Bluetooth after latest update

    March 17, 2024
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