2021+ Model S/X Plaid Steering Wheel Trim Panel Carbon Fiber Cover

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Carbon Fiber Finishing: Matte

This 2021+ Model S/X Plaid Steering Wheel Trim Panel Carbon Fiber Cover is designed to provide Tesla Model S X Yoke Steering Wheels with a stylish carbon fiber finish. It's available in glossy, matte, and forged finishes to add personalization and elegance to your car's interior.

About the Steering Wheel Trim Panel

  • New version Model S X Steering Wheel Trim Wrap: This perfectly engineered Tesla Model S/X Steering Wheel Middle Trim Cover provides a seamless fit for both 2021+ Models S and X. If you are a fan of the signature Carbon Fiber look, this is a must-have addition. It's designed with the highest-grade materials to ensure it stands the test of time and wear, preserving the sleek appearance of your Tesla.
  • Real Carbon Fiber Cover: 3K REAL Carbon Fiber SATONIC Model S/X Steering Wheel Middle Trim cover prevents fingerprints and scratches, resists deformation and bubbles, and ensures a clean Tesla steering wheel.
  • Easy Installation: No need to remove your Tesla S/X wheel trim - just tear the tape & stick it on. Simple and quick, with no installation issues.
  • Installation Tips: Clean & dry the S/X trim panel; then squeeze the middle to the edge until the wrapped cap is securely fitted.
  • Warranty: Satonic product has good after-sales service, If the product is broken during shipping, please let us know, and we can arrange a new one. Any questions, please contact us, and we will solve all questions for you.
Carbon Fiber Finishing: Matte

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