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V7L Auto handles SoftWare & Problem self-inspection

V7L Auto handles SoftWare & Problem self-inspection

In this page, we will upgrade new software continuely, customers can save or follow satonic website for the latest new software, Each new software will have new functions, enjoying new fuctions, If you have any suggestions, you could leave your comments,SATONIC will try our best to make better products ...


20230306-V7L-45S closing

in this software, we upgraded that door handles will be closed after 45 seconds after you open it . 

Download link:


F & Q

1.Auto Handles (V7L ) LED Problems:

If you have a problem on the LED problems, But auto hanle functions is good condition, Pls kindly disconnect all handle connectors from control box , Then reconnect one by one , Test which handles has problems ( Please take a full video for aftersale services use )

2. Auto Handle Fuction Problem:

If you find that auto handle (V7L) has function problem , please upgrade software first, if it still can not changed, please contact with us through email. Please remember take a video for aftersales confirmation


Support email: 

Please put your order number on the subject when you send a email

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