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Model 3 & Y Soft Close Door (V5)

Model 3 & Y Soft Close Door (V5)

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SATONIC New generation Soft Close Door, All-in-one design,he electronic suction door system is primarily designed for Tesla Model 3 & Y. Only the Model S has an intake door system, but the Models 3 and Y do not. SATONIC - The suction door system utilizes this feature in Tesla Model 3 & y. By installing a suction door system, you can ensure that the door closes automatically. It keeps your door window glass safe. Meanwhile, SATONIC suction doors are built for more than 10 years of development and production, anti-pinch function, and safety.




Any claim that items are missing or have been stolen in transit ,SATONIC will make money refund for stolen or send replacement for missing parts asap, regardless of the circumstances.

Why need SATONIC soft close door:

  • The product has been approved by CE and CQC certification, also SATONIC factory passed IAFT16949. 
  • All-in-one design, satonic soft-close door system has a built-in motor with a stronger ABS material case cover. The waterproof motor will work longer time
  • Easy to install. all-in-one soft close door system, replace your car motor, replace the soft close door motor yourself. You no longer need to connect a control box or power cable.

Auto handles :

Auto handles can be opened by Bluetooth, app, key FOB, Siri, or touched. the design can solve the problems when you do not want to open tesla doors by hand. You could open your tesla handles through Tesla App, KEY FOB , Touch screen or touching handles, It will be very convenient for children, women, and older poeple. Meanwhile, Your tesla handles will work longer time.

SATONIC V7L auto handles are designed with multi-colors and rainbow colours display. you could set the single color into white, blue, green, red, or yellow or set it into a rainbow color which is very fashion


How to know whether your car is Ryzen AMD or Intel Atom. Normally, For Tesla Model which was delivered from the year 2016 to DEC. 2020 are Intel Atom computers, Tesla has upgraded Tesla computer system from the end of the year 2021 to Ryzen AMD computer. If you can not sure whether your car is Ryzen AMD or Intel Atom, PLease check from your tesla computer from the follow process :

Check on the screen of the original vehicle :
software > extra information > CPU

Check installation tips  CHECK IT NOW>>


Install the automatic frunk for your Tesla , it will take more convenient for you when you driving outside, it can be opened and closed by APP, Tesla Computer, or Frunk button. it can release your hands and make sure that your frunk can work long time. no need to pressure your frunk cover again. 

SATONIC offer Special discount for OEM/ ODM ORDERS, Dropshipping, and Group Buy. Meanwhile, there are multi-payment method ,such as TT (HSBC HK), PayPal, Alipay,Wechat Pay etc. We also can send by sea, air, express,post, etc. if you have any requests, please send us message to

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