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Soft-close door V5 & Auto handles DIY Tips

Soft-close door V5 & Auto handles DIY Tips

In this page, we will load photos & Videos how to DIY auto handles and soft-close door for your tesla Model Y & 3, Meanwhile, we will keep upgrade if tesla has upgraded on thier Model 3, Y . Customers can save the page and make DIY for your door handles or soft close door system...

Read before install:

1.DON'T connect the Auto handles power cable to REAR SEAT BATTERY,        MUST CONNECT Auto handles power cable on FRUNK BATTERY !

2. Pleast TEST all door handles & Soft close door motor before recovering door panel 


Installation for Auto handles

 Frunk battery postion:

This video can show how to install  auto handles freely, You could do the process and DIY your own auto handles, SATONIC V7.0, and V7L is a good options

Position guidence:

“前右把手” : The Right Front(RF)

"后右把手": The Right Rear   (RR)

"后左把手": The Left Rear  (LR OR RL)

"前左把手": The Left Front  (LF OR FL)


Cables should go around Pillar, Can not go under the floor mat

For the auto handles cables, need to go through Pillar, from front to rear, can not go through or under floor mat. follow is incorrect



Learn us know how tesla handles works:

 " HALL Plate "  , Hall plate is a signal mode between car and handles, it recieves the data from car main CPU, and make door handle open and close.  Hall Plate has position requests, if you put the left Hall Plate on the right handles, your handles will not open and close correctly. When you install SATONIC auto handles, please make sure keeping Hall plate position correctly


If you install the auto handle panel, must keep the auto handle panel in the right position. if put the panel in different position, singal will be barriered, your door handles maybe can not open

Check Video how to put steeless plate on satonic handles :


Please test each handle before cover back door panels , Normally, For Model 3 & Y from China, No need to install the steeless plate

If the door can not be opened after install the steeless plate, please remove it and try it again

For V7MAX, some cars, no need to put steeless plate,


Installation for SATONIC new generation All-in-one soft close door system V5:

The video shows how to make an installation for satonic soft close door V5.0, it is simple to install, it will be a good way to install it together with auto handles.


Find that the emergency cable can not released after installed the soft close?

SATONIC Soft close door system is plug and play, it will not effect any functions on your vehicles, if emergency cable can not work, please check as below:

1. Misunderstand door emegency cable working, normally. In the first stage, it will not release, in the second stage, it will be released. So you need to pull it higher or more :


Must need items & References

 F & Q

Soft-Close Door System:

1. The window is go up or down when the door is opened 

    Answer: Check out the welcome light of the door. Door Welcome light has two functions, bright up & door opening sensors. Even the welcome light is on, Maybe the sensor's cable connection is incorrect.

2. The door emergency release button/cable can not be release the door.

   Answer: Tesla door emergency button need to pull out hardly for two times, then it will be released (Tesla emergency button's working way)


Auto handles V7L:

1: How to active the yellow warning light 


2. How to change the handles's display color

    Answer:  Press the bluetooth button under driver's handle, you could change the color display for 4 handles

3. What is the bluetooth name and code

    Answer:  Bluetooth name "Satonic", Code "700001"


Update process:

1: Prepare a TF card (8-16G), Format the TF card
2. Copy the software "DOOR.bin"into TF card
3. Find out the control, Uplug the control box power connector
4. Insert the TF into the control box , plug the power cable again
5. The control box will "Di." continuely and then a short voice "Di". upgrade is successfully

Upgrade Video: Check It Now


Auto handles V7max:

V7max is a wireless installation item, it is plug and play, connect V7MAX auto handle connector with door lock connector, please do not connect with Tesla handle connector

Bluetooth Name: TESLASHUN  , Code: 888888

Notice: Please do not adjust the pins on the control box without talking !

1: Can I install two handles on front doors only ?

Answer: Yes

2: How can I exchange the display color?

2019-2023 M3/Y:
1.Long press the "P" gear button for 3 seconds;
2.After 3 seconds, the control box will emit a "beep" sound;
3.After the beep, release the P button;
4.Door handle lights will change.

2024 M3 without "P" Gear bar
1.Long press the right roller for 3 seconds;
2.After 3 seconds, the control box will emit a "beep" sound;
3.After the beep, release the P button;
4.Door handle lights will change.


Product support:

Customer care:

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    hi, were do you connect the power wire black and red wires for auto handle? this doesn’t show how to connect Could you provide the detail? Thank you

    March 19, 2023
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