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Model S Auto Power Frunk V6S

Model S Auto Power Frunk V6S

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SATONIC V6S Power frunk  V6S has good functions on waterproof and a longer lifetime. it can take convenient and funny for our clients. no need to open and close your hands, Open your power frunk by Tesla APP, Touch screen, KEY FOB anytime, anywhere 


    OPEN & CLOSE FRUNK ANYTIME : Your frunk can be opened by Siri, Cell phone App, Touch screen, frunk emergency button after you installed satonic auto power frunk

    Waterproof Control box: For the control box of SATONIC V6s power frunk, we designed it with case cover case mode with industrial glue sealed. for the pin connector, also designed with waterproof functions, under hardness ABS material protection, The control box will work a long time with water going inside. no need to worry about it because of heavy rain or car washing

    Waterproof Stronger Power Motor: The motor of SATONIC V6s power frunk is designed with built-in emergency cables. meanwhile, the V6s motor has stronger power. it will make sure that the frunk closes and open smoothly

    New struts with rubber seal: The struts of the V6s auto power frunk are designed with a rubber seal. it is better for waterproof, also there is a lower voice while frunk open or close. Qualified springs inside can make sure that struts work longer time.

    Waterproof connecter Plug by Plug: Connectors of the V6s auto power frunk are designed to plug by the plug, and each connector will be connected tightly, it will make sure that there is no water can be inside the connector.

    Product Features:

    1. Frunk can be opened or closed by Touched Screen
    2. Frunk can be opened and closed by Mobile Phone APP, Key FOB, Siri
    3. 5 Stages of Speed adjustable for Open and Close
    4. Height of The door is adjustable
    5. Eight Glass of Pressure Adjustable
    6. Upgraded version V6s, waterproof control box, motor
    7. Upgraded struts and struts stand, easy to install and work perfectly

    Certification approval (ECM):

    EN 55014-1:2017 EN 55014-2:2015

    Related to CE directive (S)

    2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility)



    Install the automatic frunk for your Tesla , it will take more convenient for you when you driving outside, it can be opened and closed by APP, Tesla Computer, or Frunk button. it can release your hands and make sure that your frunk can work long time. no need to pressure your frunk cover again. 

    SATONIC offer Special discount for OEM/ ODM ORDERS, Dropshipping, and Group Buy. Meanwhile, there is a multi-payment method,such as TT (HSBC HK), PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. We also can send by sea, air,express,post etc. if you have any requests, please send us message to

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