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New generation Auto Door For Model 3 & Y (V8)

New generation Auto Door For Model 3 & Y (V8)

AUTO PRESENTING DOOR SYSTEM .Special design for Tesla Model 3 & Y , Make door openign and closing automatically. The auto presenting door system can be installed on any door, front & Rear , Right & Left. After installing the auto doors, your Tesla door can be opened automatically through Tesla APP, Key FOB, Door handles , touch screen & swift buttons.

DESIGN WITH RADAR SENSORS . SATONIC Original AUTO DOOR SYSTEM designed with multi-radar sensors, it can make the sure door opens safely. the door will be automatically stopped if touched any objects. and restart after cleaning objects, it makes sure that the door will not damage parked cars or hurt anybody.

QUALIFIED IC CONTROL BOX. qualified IC and program inside the box is the most important thing, SATONIC has over 10 years of developing & Producing soft close-door systems. we have our unique technology and experiences with the door opening and closing system. Over 100 brands of vehicles...

PLUG & PLAY INSTALLATION, SATONIC tries to make door parts into a DIY project, We try to make installation simple. The auto door system is waterproof and plugs & play installations, if DIY users can assemble and disassemble door panels, others will be simple

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