Model 3 & Y 4.6'' Ultra Mini LCD Dashboard

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Car CPU: Ryzen AMD

SATONIC 4.6'' Smart Dashboard (HUD Head up ) for Tesla model 3 & Y, loading the new IC inside the ST911, it can keep the screen works great condition, meanwhile, it can display more car information through the vehicle OBD port. Support online software upgrade

>Smart size & 1080P HD, 4.6'' smart size displayer with 1080P, it can display much more clearly, Driver can see car information for the first time

>Real-time display of car information, Display car information, Speed, battery %, Drive distance, Tire pressure, Gear position, High & Low beam light, Turning & Warning light, Autopilot display....

>Night & Day Mode automatically,ST911 screen will follow  Tesla screen, Adjusting night & Day mode automatically

>English language setting

>Online software upgrade,SATONIC ST911 built-in Type C port, can upgrade software through type c port if tesla upgrade system. no need to worry about tesla upgrading their software

> Easy to install, ST911 is designed in accurate mode, it can cover under the steering wheel. meanwhile, for the color finishing, it is matte with a black finish, keeping it is a similar color to your vehicle

>Two Years Warranty,SATONIC has 2 years warranty, we make sure that the smart dashboard can be worked after tesla software is upgraded. (SATONIC ONLY WARRANTY FOR ORIGINAL SATONIC ST911, WILL NOT WARRANTY FOR FAKE VERSION )


Car CPU: Ryzen AMD

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y