Model Y /3 Ambient LED Light 4th Generation ( Tesla Screen Control )

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Car Model: Model 3 2021-2023
Seat Back LED: Yes
Drive Side Option: RHD

New arrival  4th Generation Ambient Light,  Produced with radium carving industrial art, It can keep the led light not too shiny to make it dazzlingly bright, Controlled by TESLA SCREEN COMPUTER, Stream light display with Welcome function with Automatic off and on functions,  Easy installation, plug-by-plug design

Compatible with Tesla Model 3 & Y. design for Tesla Model 3 & Y , with control box installation, control the ambient display through Tesla screen

Multi-color display, Over 9 colors Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, light green...

Multi-mode display, Over 30 display modes, multi-colors exchanging, multi-colors flashing, single color display, single color running display, etc

Automatically brightness setting can be automatically changed brightness while the gear position is in "D" and "P". Keep drive safe

Easy to Install, DIY is possible, SATONIC offers an installation manual, you just need to remove the dashboard, remove the front door panel, and install the ambient light anytime

Over 2 Years Warranty, free accessories  within 1 year for any damage (charged on manual damage). free shipping for accessories from 2nd year

Product features:

1: Control the led light through the Tesla touch screen, change the display mode, switch it off and on
2: Set multi-color or single-color ambient mode
3: Designed for Model 3 & Y, fashion-led display, and comfortable driving, your Tesla will be different after installing a full ambient light.
4: ABS Material with high quality, lifetime is longer.
5: 1 Year Guarantee

Color display Mode introduction:

Multi-color display: 16 Style
Single color exchange display: 14 Style
Single Color display: 9 colors (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, light green)
3 Color display mode: 1 Style
3 Color breathing: 1 Style
7 colors flash exchange display: 1
7-color reversing display: 1 Style
7 color breathing: 1 Style

Notice: for 2024 Model Y & 3, there is no dashboard led set, because Tesla has its own, Satonic ambient can be adjusted directly by Tesla screen as well on 2024 Model 3 & Y 

Set up manual : Download  It Now >>> 

Code: satonic2007


Car Model: Model 3 2021-2023
Seat Back LED: Yes
Drive Side Option: RHD

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y