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Hidden Tesla Tricks Every TESLA Fan Should Know

Hidden Tesla Tricks Every TESLA Fan Should Know

If you've swapped your gas-guzzler for a Tesla, here's everything you need to know to get the most out of your ride

From the early days of tapping the “T” logo on the in-car display to reveal a new menu, Tesla has long been a fan of the Easter egg. These surprises have since grown in scope (hello, recording studio), and are now more easily accessible via the infotainment center's Toybox section. But there are still some tucked-away tricks and settings every Tesla owner should know.

Most of the time, there are straightforward ways to perform a task using the car's interior touch screen. But some tasks are two or three levels deep in the software. To activate the windshield wipers, for example, you have to tap the screen twice to turn them on and then a third time to change the speed. Or you can click the end of the left wheel stock to pop up the wipers' menu on the screen for speed adjustment.

These tips were tested on a Model 3 and its horizontal display, which is also found on the Model Y.That update should unify the software across all models, but for now, these features are up and running on Model 3 and Y, and most should work on the pricier models, too. Read on for more ways to simplify your Tesla driving experience.

On Model 3 and Y, the touch screen is split into sections with the map on the right and a view of your car driving on the left. Normally, turn-by-turn directions appear on the right side with the maps. A late December 2020 software update, however, adds support for moving those arrows closer to the driver. When you are navigating to an address, tap on the reverse camera, and the turn-by-turn arrows and names will move.



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