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DIY Installation TIPS for Tesla Auto Power Frunk

DIY Installation TIPS for Tesla Auto Power Frunk

SATONIC V6S auto power frunk is the latest version, also, it is the easiest installation, The DIY first choice for your Tesla Model 3 & Y, after installing the auto power frunk, your frunk can be opened by touch screen, Key FOB, Tesla App, and Siri. Keep food or more packages. it is convenient for customers to use Frunk

SATONIC offers online video support while customers make installation, if you plan to make a DIY installation, you could make an appointment with us for online support from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm. We have an online support team that will help you, our team is native speakers, easy-going, high tech supports. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

SATONIC offers 1-year accessories damaged free shipping, and free-charge services, if your motor, struts, control box, or cables is damaged within 1 year, SATONIC will send you the replacement parts directly, no need to return damaged parts, no need to wait to your time.

Follow to check the video which was made detailly by SATONIC customer.



  1. Please take care when you remove the frunk orgnizer, In case damage Buckle and drop the screws inside the frunk
  2. Please do not remove the white cover on the control box. the white plastic cover is waterproof solution
  3. Please talk with us before setting any details,the control box maybe damaged if getting an incorrect setting ,

Before install the power frunk, please read the manual or video carefully, make sure that all procss are correct, If you can not install it yourself, please contact with us for onsite installation or shop installation.  During the installation process, SATONIC are not responsible for any bodily injury caused by not following the instructions

Tips :

  1. Remove and take out the frunk orgnizer
  2. Install the strut one by one
  3. Install the motor stand correctly , make sure that postion is correct. it is better to mark it
  4. Connect all connectors
  5. Connect the power connector and test the frunk, whether it works well.
  6. Tape all connectors with SATONIC anti-fire tape
  7. Recover the frunk orgnizer






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