Model 3 & Y 5.16'' Ultra Mini LCD Dashboard

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Car CPU: Ryzen AMD

SATONIC New arrival 5.16'' smart dashboard (HUD Head up ) for Tesla model 3 & Y, loading the new IC inside the ST912, it can keep the screen works great condition, meanwhile, it can display more car information through the vehicle OBD port.   

>Smart size & 1080P HD, 5.16'' smart size displayer with 1080P, it can display much more clear, Driver can see car information in the first time

>Real-time display car information,Display car information ,Speed, battery %, Drive distance, Tire pressure , Gear position, High & Low beam light , Turning & Warning light, Autopilot display....

>Night & Day Mode automatically,ST912 screen will follow  Tesla screen, Adjusting night & Day mode automatically

>Online software upgrade ,SATONIC ST912 built-in Type C port, can upgrade software through type c port if tesla upgrade system. no need to worry about tesla upgrade thier software

> Easy to install, ST912 is designed in accurate mode, it can cover under the steering wheel. meanwhile, for the color finishing, it is matte with a black finish, keeping it is a similar color to your vehicle

>Two Years Warranty,SATONIC has 2 years warranty, we make sure that the smart dashboard can be worked after tesla software upgraded.

Car CPU: Ryzen AMD

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y