Model 3 & Y 9'' Carplay Instrument Dashboard

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Car Model: For Model 3
CPU: AMD Ryzen
Version: Left Hand Driving

9-inch Lunix Smart Dashboard Screen, Special design for Tesla Model 3 & Y, Simple functions, and easy to install.  with Bluetooth connection, can connect with a Tesla computer, Use wireless carplay for voice calls or Siri operation.

 Product Features

  • 9-inch Touch Screen. Compatible with Tesla Model 3 & Y. 

  • Support Carplay, Android Auto, Navigation, Car information display , such as speed, battery left, driving distance, etc, Real-time alarm for Belt fastening, High or low beam light, etc

  • Real-time monitoring and display of Car information, such as speed, battery left, high and low beam light, turning light, tire pressure, etc

  • Support Online Upgrades for more functions and more UI. The LCD will have a new UI and different functions with upgrade functions, Once there is new software, can install and upgrade through a USB port

  • Easy installation, Just open the center console and connect the cable, then will be ready

  • The screen can be installed on the right-hand drive or the Left-hand drive

Car Model: For Model 3
CPU: AMD Ryzen
Version: Left Hand Driving

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y