New Model 3 & Y 7.5 inch Rear Entertainment 4G & WiFi

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Car Model: Model 3

7.5-inch rear screen is specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2022+ and Model 3 2017+, compatible with Intel chips and new AMD chips

Unique design: HD IPS 1980*1200 pixels, full viewing angle touch screen, anti-fingerprint technology

Android system: Android 11.0 operating system, 8-core processor, 6G RAM + 64G ROM large memory, providing you with a faster and smoother experience; you can download and use your favorite apps from the Google Play Store!

Plug and Play: Rear seat climate control touchscreen installation does not require drilling holes in the car, and the wires will not be damaged during installation.

ST920 Functions :

  • Support OTA upgrade
  • Support passenger seat and backrest (front/rear) adjustment
  • Support wireless Bluetooth: connect to the original car Bluetooth, and use the original car audio;
  • Support third-party Bluetooth devices, such as headsets
  • Support A/C climate control and wind speed adjustment
  • Support independent 3-speed heating adjustment control for the rear seat
  • Wind direction: support wind direction adjustment
  • Control music volume (up/down) and play/pause
  • Support wireless Apple Car Play & Android Auto
  • 2 Type-C ports + 2 USB ports: the one on the right can transmit data and connect to the receiving end of the gamepad, and the one on the left supports fast charging
  • Languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, support global languages
  • Support WIFI+4G Sim Card network

3 ways to play sound effects:

  • Bluetooth headset, the product has a built-in speaker
  • original car speaker plays the sound
  • Seamless connection with your wireless earphones Seamlessly integrates with the Tesla interface, not only entertaining the rear passengers but also allowing them to control various aspects of the Tesla, such as temperature control/wind speed control/volume control/rear seat heating control, ETC.
Car Model: Model 3

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y