Model Y & 3 AC Android 11 Display Panel

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Car Model: Model Y

Wanna a rear climate control display with a big air conditioning slot? SATONIC ST950 will reach into your mind. Designed with Type C port with bigger Air conditioning port,


  • Control the volume of the main screen in the back row,
  • Control the main screen up and down, and can control the main screen to play and pause;
  • The temperature of the air conditioner can be freely controlled by the left and right partitions of the rear row;
  • The heating temperature of each independent seat can be freely controlled in the rear row;
  • The air speed of the air conditioner can be controlled;
  • Comes with 4G network, WiFi;
  • Support wireless CarpLay+Android auto;
  • 8.0inch 1280x750 high-definition display, fully fitted with anti-fingerprint technology;
  • Support wireless Internet access, online music, online games, and Internet TV;
  • The network music network TV played in the rear row can be connected to the original car speakers,
  • allowing you to experience the feeling of the home theater in the car
Car Model: Model Y

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y