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ST911PLUS Instruction & Tips

ST911PLUS Instruction & Tips

New arrival SATONIC ST911plus, the version is upgraded base on customer need, bigger screen , bigger speed display and yellow white backgroup. thin edge of product color, we upgraded it into a better fashion and oem looking version, kindly note the instructions below and installation tips





How to enter into Setting Mode

  1. In "P" gear position, press the right roll to right side 3 seconds and enter into setting mode
  2. Roll down or up to change the setting column
  3. Roll right or left to set the column
  4. Roll down or up to return after entering into setting column
  5. Roll right or left to exit


Installation is same with ST911, check it now>>>


Customer support:

Email: support@satonic-autoparts.com

1 commentaire sur ST911PLUS Instruction & Tips
  • Han Hippe
    Han Hippe

    When will dashboard display become available for the Tesla model 3 Highland (2024). Thanks.

    December 05, 2023
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