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Installation TIPs and questions on Auto Handle V7.0

Installation TIPs and questions on Auto Handle V7.0

On this page, we will introduce how Tesla handles works, and also how to install SATONIC V7.0 correctly. if you have other questions which are on here, pls contact our support by email: support@satonic-autoparts.com


Learn us know how tesla handles works:

 " HALL Plate "  , Hall plate is a signal mode between car and handles, it recieves the data from car main CPU, and make door handle open and close.  Hall Plate has position requests, if you put the left Hall Plate on the right handles, your handles will not open and close correctly. When you install SATONIC auto handles, please make sure keeping Hall plate position correctly

Check the video >>>


Does SATONIC auto Handles Panel must need?

SATONIC makes auto handle panel for SATONIC V7 auto handles, for Some Model 3 Y which produced in USA, The model on handle place is different with Model 3 Y which produced in China.  this panel is mainly for Model 3 Y which produced in USA, no need to install if your vehicles are produced from Shanghai, Germeny.

If you install the auto handle panel, must keep the auto handle panel in the right position. if put the panel in different position, singal will be barriered, your door handles maybe can not open

Make sure connect control box cables correctly

Should connect the door handle cables correctly, if cable is connected incorrectly on control box and auto handles, then the door handles maybe not open and close automatically




Make sure that battery connection correct

For battery connection, should connect inside of frunk battery, can not connect the power cable on the rear seat battery.


Test Auto Handles before install

Please check V7 auto handles before install on door. it will same your time, and install correctly in one time .


You could follow SATONIC on youtube, instagram. we will load tips and questions with answers. thanks for your chose SATONIC, if you have any questions, pls send us email or talk with us online...

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