New upgraded with passanger's seats adjusted:

 Passenger seat adjust New upgrade for passenger seat adjust, make passangers seat a head and keep more space for you on the rear seat

 Non destructive installation : Fits right on top of the rear AC vent cover with the supplied fitting, wires and tools to get the job done! There is no need to drill, and the interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y will not be damaged during the installation process.

⇨ Google Play Store: Android OS 11 with google play store to download and use the apps you love!

⇨ Control Climate: Rear passengers are now able to control the climate controls with ease without bothering the driver.

⇨ Control Volume: Volume can be controlled right from the display for the whole car for immersive theater like entertainment or individual control for Bluetooth headsets.

⇨ Wireless Carplay & Andriod Auto: Wireless carplay selection and andriod auto 

⇨ Bluetooth and WiFi: Built in Bluetooth to ensure seamless connectivity to your car audio for theater like experience. WiFi function to run off your Mobile WiFi sharing access point.

⇨ OTA online free software upgrade: it can upgrade the screen any time after connect with internet, make sure that screen will works great all the time.


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