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ST9100 ( 8.66'' Rear Entertainment Screen ) FQ & Software

ST9100 ( 8.66'' Rear Entertainment Screen ) FQ & Software

About 8.66'' Rear Entertainment Screen

  • Operation system: Android 13.0
  • Product Name: 8.66 Rear Entertainment Screen
  • Item Number: ST9100
  • Screen size: 8.66'' 800*1280 IPS Touch screen
  • Input: DC12V/0.6A
  • Support wireless carplay & Andriod Auto
  • Bluetooth: BT5.0
  • Memory: 4G/64G

Installation Video:

Notice: Must connect the screen connector correctly, otherwise, the fuse maybe burnt


Notice: From the warranty series numbers from ST202309T11152. No need to connect the passenger and driver's connector. 

example: ST202309T11153/4/5/6, no need to connect 

Cable connector:

There are two types of OBD, 20pin &26pin. Normally Model 3& Y  from the year 2016-2018.12 are 20pin, Model 3 & Y from the year 2019 are 26pin (if you can not sure , please open the button of rear armrest box cover and check )

For Model 3 & Y which has no OBD connector under rear of armrest, SATONIC designed another new connection, Connectting the cable directly with wireless charger connector. In each of package, SATONIC offers two cables for 26 pins

F & Q:

1. How to connect bluetooth headphone :

   Press the mark and enter in, chose your bluetooth headphone and connect it 

 2. Why the screen can not be touched  

    There is one reason that reason that children lock is switched on, you need to switched off with the code 8687 ( https://youtu.be/H05Yt6dALj4 ),  If it is not the reason of children lock, please upgrade into latest software

3. How to enter into quick setting, such as adjusting volume:

     Slide the from top, enter into setting: https://youtu.be/cgazuc87MeM

4. The screen is powered on , But why functions can not be operated, air conditioning, camping mode can be adjust

     OBD Cable connection has problem, please check the OBD cable connection whether it is fully connected

5.Why does the sound always freeze when playing videos on Netflex and Disney+?

The built-in Netflix & Disney+ App are free version, if you ugprade it  through google play, the voice will stucked sometimes, ( Since Disney+ and Netflex are paid, the APP installed in the machine is free, so the sound will be stuck. You can use APPs such as Youtube. If you insist on Disney+ and Netfex, please purchase the paid version ), you could also re-install the software below, and use our free version

Sotware release:

2024/5/21: Upgrade screen into wireless, no need to connect seats connectors, upgrade Netflix App 

Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XOoRe4Wj4sIfBbw577Qp7Dj8C0zeq18k?usp=sharing 

Upgrade Process:

1. Prepare a TF  card or USB drive 8-16G

2. Format the TF card or USB drive. Copy software into TF card/ USB drive

3. Insert to data type C port on 8.66 screen, power on screen, it will be automatically upgrade.

4. It is successfully upgraded if screen restart, remove the TF card or USB drive

6. Is it compatible with Tesla MY 2024? The connector is not in the back of the tunnel.

It can be installed on Model Y 2024 which has not OBD port behind of armrest, the OBD connector is understand saddle, beside of driver's seat

7.The sound is low through wireless set and Tesla Bluetooth. I had did all the volume system adjustments. Is there a another way to adjust volume through system. 

Yes, slide down the screen, then enter into quick setting mode, then can set screen volume

8. will it fit on model Y long range delivered on July in U.S?

Yes, it can 

9.The processing speed is slow, is it true?

No, it is not ture,  the untruth words is anywhere, anytime, Test it and see the truth

10. I have the tesla y 2023 long range with the 26 pin can this rear entertainment display ?

SATONIC Origional 8.66 has upgraded the cable, no need to connect the seat connector, meanwhile, we make one cable , can fit on Model Y and 3 from 2021 (26Pin)

11.Clock keeps on changing itself. Any tricks?

The reason is that Tesla switch off power after Parking & locked, But you could set sleep mode, and keep time no changing

Setting > Sleep > Delay [ factory setting is no delayed, but you could chose 1 day, 2 days, 3 days ]

12.The sound is low through wireless set and Tesla Bluetooth. I had did all the volume system adjustments. Is there a another way to adjust volume through system

Probally setting is incorrect, suppose entering into quick set and set volume

13. Why camp mode on 8.66 can not be switch off? like the video : https://youtu.be/vGn99kfsz_A

The process is incorrect,  you should close satonic 8.66 camp mode before close door. The correct process is : switching off 8.66 camp mode before switch off Tesla screen camp mode, then close the door.


1. Network testing Apk:  


New Software 2024/7/2: 

Upgrade Touch problems and voice delay in APP


 Tech support: support@satonic-autoparts.com

2 Kommentare zu ST9100 ( 8.66'' Rear Entertainment Screen ) FQ & Software
  • David Bautista
    David Bautista

    When I press on the screen, the selection doesn’t stay highlighted. For example, when I press to turn the rear air conditioning on or off, the camping mode, dog mode, and similarly with the heated seats, they don’t stay highlighted even though they do turn on. What is causing this? How can I fix it?
    I have the 8.66-inch rear screen and my car is a 2022 Model Y.

    May 15, 2024
  • Shin

    The BT transmitter app is not installed. Where do you run it?

    please send me the app

    April 06, 2024
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