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F & Q For Tesla door sills led light

F & Q For Tesla door sills led light

On this page, we will write the problems that happened on Tesla wireless door sills led installation, and we will list the problems and give the solutions, make sure that your installation will be easier

The post will be upgraded within any time if  there is a new version or new problems we meet and other guidance as well

Welcome to leave your comments and your problems which has not list in the page

1 comment on F & Q For Tesla door sills led light
  • Kiwon

    I bought the LED Door Sill for model3.
    Order number is #ST1046.
    It looks like the front driver’s door led sill is bad.
    I have replaced the battery 3 times since purchase.
    Still, front driver’s door can’t keep up for a month. The door sill in different positions have bright LEDs. Only the front driver’s sill LED lights up quickly.
    Any solution?

    August 16, 2022
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