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Model 3 & Y Auto Screen Swiveling Mount kit

Model 3 & Y Auto Screen Swiveling Mount kit

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Install SR1000MAX screen swiveling mount kit . it can make your tesla screen turn automatically to left and right, up and down,  take Model S functions on your Model 3 & Y, you could adjust to left/right, up/down with your hands anytime. meanwhile, you can use the steering wheel buttons to adjust it to the left or right side. The welcome function is a good choice, it will turn to drivers once you drive your car, and it will turn to a middle angle after parking.

Product features:
  • It can be installed on Tesla Model 3 & Y 2016-2023
  • It can be installed on the Left-hand drive and Right-hand drive
  • Automatically turning to the left or right hand. up and down
  • Memory angle, turn to the middle after parking, turn to the driver when starting to drive
  • Operated by steering wheel rolls and armrest
  • Copper material holder with quality approval motor. longer lifetime
  • Special Design for Tesla Model 3 & Y 
  • Easy installation, connecting with CAN cables and screws it on. online video support. Finishing installation within 30 munites
  • 2 Years Guarantee


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