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How To Customize & Save Driver Settings On A Tesla Model 3

How To Customize & Save Driver Settings On A Tesla Model 3

Tesla includes an option to personalize the Model 3 to better fit the owner's needs as well as allow customizations for other drivers. That means when a family member or close friend is detected in the driver's seat, various settings will be updated to better match their particular preferences, making it a uniquely tailored experience for each person. Setting this feature up is fairly simple once the controls are located, but a quick rundown of the various options and how to begin will be helpful to anyone that owns or is interested in Tesla's Model 3.

Tesla began just eighteen years ago as Tesla Motors and reduced the name down to simply Tesla since it has diversified into solar and large-scale battery solutions as well. It's remarkable for such a young company to quickly climb to become one of the hottest automakers in the world, bringing excitement back to electric vehicles and rapidly advancing the transition to emissions-free cars. The Model 3 was the car Elon Musk wanted to build from the beginning but started with the Roadster and Model S to generate enough funds to build manufacturing plants that could create its low-cost car at the required scale. The Model 3 has gone on to become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world and is quickly making its way up the list that includes all cars.




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