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Via frunk can not be opened on V1, to who want to replace V1 into V2

Via frunk can not be opened on V1, to who want to replace V1 into V2

Dear SATONIC Valued Customer:

We get serval reports from customers that the frunk can not open after install V1 soft closer from aliexpress,amazon,ebay,etc, Some customers compalin that it is cold whether problem. Actrually, V1 soft closer working temperature is -35 to 80 dgree, here is the testing video

Due to dispute is handled by thier platform, When customers make a dispute , the platform will solve it (the platform means aliexpress,ebay, amazon dispute teams). they will finish dispute in different ways, for some customers, maybe can not get refund.

In order solve your problem, SATONIC offer follow way :

*** Customers who bought SATONIC V1 soft closer from aliexpres, ebay, amazon, etc. Due to the frunk can not open, you can buy a set of satonic V2 soft closer with USD69 off and we will make full money refund through your order numbmer on aliexpress, ebay, amazon, etc ( it is for any customers who has bought satonic V1 frunk closer, and frunk can not be opened ), For V1 auto closer, no need to return


1. If you plan to dispute or already in dispute, the above USD69 discount is invalid (SATONIC will cancel the order)

2. The above USD69 link is only for customers who bought V1 auto frunk closer without dispute from aliexpres,ebay,amazon,etc, Meanwhile frunk can not be opened. *** For customers who has never bought V1, please order through the link with 25% off automatially (we will cancel the order if you order from USD69 link ) :


1. You could make an order through the follow link or promote code, and leave your order number on aliexpress, ebay , Amazon etc. Meanwhile, please leave your Paypal account as well, For customers from Korea, please make sure to order with your Korean name,TAX ID and cell phone (the three content must be keeping correct)

Promote code: SCV255OFF

2. Your online store will make full money refund through your order list on aliexpress, ebay, amazon, etc. For the orders are completed which has not refund button. we will refund you through Paypal.

3. Replace your V1 auto frunk closer into V2 version and get satonic 1 year free parts warranty.

For customers whose frunk can not be opened, please follow the video or photos to release it  check it now>>>

If you want to exchange your present V1 which works well, please contact with us through email 

Support Email: 




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