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Tesla raises prices of some Model Y versions in China

Tesla raises prices of some Model Y versions in China

SHANGHAI, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Tesla raised prices of performance and long-range versions of its Model Y mid-size sport utility vehicles (SUV) in China on Friday, according to its Chinese website.

The starting prices of the two versions of Model Y in China increased by 2,000 yuan each to 311,900 yuan ($45,473) and 361,900 yuan, respectively, information on the website showed.

It is the second time that Tesla has raised prices since it had lowered prices of all Model 3 and Model Y cars in its second-largest market by 6% to 14% in early January.

The performance Model Y remains 9% cheaper than before the price cuts, while the long-range version is 13% cheaper.

The price cuts had stoked demand, but the bump for the Model 3 in China had showed signs of diminishing.

Sales of the Model 3 quadrupled in January after its base price was cut by almost 14%. But for the first week of February, sales were down by more than two-thirds from the end of January, data from China Merchants Bank International showed. In contrast, Model Y sales held steady.

Tesla also raised the price of the performance version of Model Y in the United States by $1,000 on Tuesday, while cutting the price of the rear-wheel drive Model 3 sedan by $500.



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