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SATONIC Upgraded Auto Power frunk V6s

SATONIC Upgraded Auto Power frunk V6s

New upgrade auto power frunk, to offer better products for SATONIC customers, we work hard on developing new products and making our present products better. SATONIC auto power frunk has been upgraded to 4th generation, V6s. What V6s version takes benefited our customers. Please check from below 


Upgraded control box :

SATONIC V6s Auto power frunk control box design, it has upgraded the waterproof solutions better on the model (Product case), covering with rubber cycling, meanwhile,there is longer pin plug, and fully connected, easy to connect...

New waterproof fuse :

SATONIC V6s Auto power frunk waterproof fuse, there is questions while you connect the power cables.  easy to connect

If you have any questions or any information that your tesla has been upgraded, please keep let us know , we will upgrade the auto power frunk in time. for more questions , please send us email to



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