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Model Y 2nd Generation Rear Lamp

Model Y 2nd Generation Rear Lamp

OEM LOOKING, the full rear lamp developed based on the AI scanning of Tesla. it means 1:1 size matching which can make sure that is OEM looking

Qualified LED Bulbs, Although there are similar Lamp on the market, SATONIC insists on quality LED bulbs, it is more bright and has a longer lifetime

IPX7 Waterproof, The full rear lamp is fully waterproof in IPX7, Covers without any gaps, it keeps water away all the time

Easy to install. it is plugged and play installation, no need to cut wire, no need to burn any wire, just find the connector, plug and-play, DIY first option, and install it within 1 hour

Compatible with Tesla Model Y from the year 2020 to 2023

Stock Ready to Ship. stock is prepared, and ready to ship worldwide anytime



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