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Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Air Filter

Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Air Filter

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About the Item

  • [Suitable model] Specially designed for Tesla Model 3/Y.
  • [Function] Efficiently filter PM2.5 haze, dust, etc. And keep the air in the car fresh.
  • [Material] There are three layers of protection: melt blown electrostatic layer + HEPA filter layer + granular activated carbon. Effectively reduce wind resistance, and more effectively block PM2.5 haze, particulate matter, dust.
  • [Honeycomb mesh design] Upgrade to the honeycomb purification system, strengthen the strength of the filter, and the activated carbon is evenly distributed, 360 degrees distributed in the honeycomb mesh.
  • [Easy to install] The size is the same as the original car filter element, highly fit, non-destructive installation, remove the air-conditioning air inlet guard plate, and put it directly into the air inlet. Handle straps are added to the corners, which is more convenient for disassembly and replacement.
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