6.2'' Dashboard Screen Carplay (Wholesale)

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Version: With Carplay
Quantity: 20 sets

6.2'' dashboard screen for Tesla Model 3 & Y, High screen solution, make sure that display clearly and smoothly, Support Carplay & Front Camera  Rainbow display !!!

The link is for wholesale orders, you could chose base on your quantities, Please contact with us through email if you have any questions. 


6.2'' IPS 1280*480 Pixel, 6.2'' IPS 1280*480 Pixel, Bigger and Thin,Smart size with great feeling

Real-time display car information, Speed, Gear position, Tire pressure, Belt reminding, Battery left percentage, High and low beam light, Temperature, AP / EAP / FSD icons ...

Support Wireless Carplay, Satonic ST2000 support wireless carplay, it is easy to connnect through bluetooth

Touching screen support opening glovebox,frunk & Trunk, satonic ST2000 screen design with quick buttons on it , you could touch the screen to open frunk,trunk, glove box and switch into sport mode

Whosale Process

1. Make an order base on your quantities, and send email to us about your requests, such as package, product lable ,etc.  For the package and product, we have SATONIC brand logo on, and also has the package without logo. if your quantities is over 200-500pcs, We could print your logo on product or package. 

2. If your quantities is over than the link we set. please contact us  by email directly. we will make you a better offer and pay through bank

3. Orders will be delivered by Express, if you need deliver to Chinese address, we have freeshipping services, you could contact with us through email, , We Also can send by Sea or Airplane. If you have any requests, please keep let us know 

Version: With Carplay
Quantity: 20 sets

Close & Open handles automatically

SATONIC Auto handles for Tesla Model 3 & Y