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Model 3 & Y Rear door Sills Pedal

Model 3 & Y Rear door Sills Pedal

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Door Sill Decoration Wrap Cover For Tesla Model 3 2021 Model Y 


Color: black
Material: Plastic 
Installation location: threshold
Weight: Approx 100g
Suitable for Tesla Model 3, Model Y

Package Include:
2pcs*Door Sill Rear Doors

This is a solution for Tesla Model 3 Y rear doors, if your Model 3 / Y has not rear door sills padel, then it makes that your rear door threshold will never be scracked. SATONIC sills can protect well. protect your Model 3 / Y in a good condition, it will takes more fun for you

Kindly note: for the sills , it is only for Rear doors, because for Model 3 and Model Y has the padel in front door threshold. this is only Padel , it has not LED light on it , if you want a whole sets with LED light, you could <CHECK NOW> to check more ...

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